Check-up Centre
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Gynaecological check-up

Virtually no other medical branch is as broad and diverse as gynaecology. With our comprehensive preventive care approach, we are able to identify changes to the female reproductive organs at an early stage and can initiate the necessary treatment promptly to improve the prognosis for recovery.


We carry out a holistic evaluation of our patients, examining your family history with regard to any pre-existing conditions or risk factors (incidence of disease in the family) and provide detailed information on self-examination options.


The rule for all other preventive screening examinations also applies here: regular check-ups improve the chances of early diagnosis and in turn lead to better treatment results.


Referral Physician

Dr med. Gabriele Lindner-Wesel (CV)

Telephone: +49 7226 54-400

E-Mail: infomax-grundig-klinikde