To unite healthiness of the body and mind. We follow this vision of Max Grundig since over 25 years.

Andreas Spaetgens Executive Director of Max Grundig Clinic

Rest and Ease

We view the health of the body and mind as a unity and thus actively further the vision of Max Grundig – the person is in focus and not their respective illness. For over 30 years we follow and develop those guidelines and complement them with up-to-date findings in the medicine and psychology fields.

Diagnostic is key – we are constantly aware of this responsibility. Therefore, our interdisciplinary specialist team is provided with ultra-modern medicine technology. Amongst them the CT 128 Slices, the MRI 3.0 Tesla, an on-site laboratory, an endoscopy department, and a high-definition ultrasound.

Well-balanced, thoughtful, and sustainable – Chef Alexander Bernhard relys on vitality cuisine. That means predominantly regional products, which are fresh and seasonal. While the dishes are a tribute to passion and taste, they are low-fat and prepared with care.

Two times a year MAX reports about up-to-date health topics, but also about the Black Forest, beautiful places to visit and to rest. You can look forward to interesting stories and reports, as well as tips from our everyday experience.

The expenses for your stay at Max Grundig Clinic will be covered by private health insurances and subsidy offices. Please confirm the coverage beforehand. We will gladly advise you with filing your application over the phone:

Phone Number Internal Medicine: +49 7226 54-515

Phone Number Psychosomatic Department: +49 7226 54-820

You will be welcomed exactly as you are without any preexisting conditions. We want to help you on your way to accepting yourself in the same unconditional way as we do. The motivation to further one’s own development guides our intervention. In the specialized psychosomatic clinic we work together with you to establish individual treatments in order to optimally respond to your needs and possibilities.

We take the time to understand your individual needs and develop customized health plans - because each person is unique.