Exercise because You love Your body and not because You hate it!

Matthias Zehnle Physiotherapist and Coach

Our Cardio- and Fitness Room

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Everybody knows: exercise is crucial. Not only for our body but the mind as well. Someone who is physically fit is better off in total. In our cardio- and fitness room we provide up-to-date sports equipment to our guests to offer the possibility to be active – even on rainy days. Always on Your side: our physiotherapists. They help with questions all around the equipment and provide assistance with the exercises. Highlight is definitely the breathtaking view, which lets time on the stepper pass in a blink and turns a while on the treadmill into a trip to the countryside.

Training equipment

  • Techno Gym Trainingscircuit
  • Flexx-Trainingssystem
  • Ergometer with Integrated Blood Pressure Gauge
  • Motomed
  • Galileo
To book your treatment: international@max-grundig-klinik.de