Wild Magic You must have seen Germany’s highest waterfalls in Triberg! Foaming and roaring, the water plunges 163 meters into the deep. You also need to visit the wild and romantic creek valley of the Geroldsau Waterfalls with its shady woodland gorge. "Geroldsau Waterfalls - 163 meters Germany’s highest waterfalls" Exploration Tour Hiking, walking, and trekking have been part of the Black Forest’s history for more than 100 years. We have more hiking possibilities than anywhere else in Europe. "Hiking, walking, trekking. Put on your backpack and off you go" The cuckoo clock doesn’t have anything to do with Switzerland - in fact, it originates from Germany’s Black Forest region. Today, it is the favorite souvenir of travelers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. And it has become a cultural icon of Germany. "The cuckoo clock originates from Germany’s Black Forest - did you know?" Tradition Adventure Flying over the Black Forest fir trees for 570 meters at heights of up to 83 meters - the “Black Forest Hirschgrund Zip Line Area“ promises a unique combination of nature and nerve-jangling thrills. Flying over the Black Forest fir trees at heights of up to 83 meters

Take a breath, walk a few steps, and enjoy the beauty and silence of the Black Forest.

Andreas Spaetgens Executive Director of Max Grundig Clinic

Tourism & Free Time

Feeling at ease has no borders

Discover and enjoy what the Buhlerhöhe has to offer. The numerous and varied offers of the region are the special extra and plus that make your stay at Buhlerhöhe perfect.  Whether shopping, sports or enjoyment – everything that pleases body and soul is nearby. The good Black Forest air and the proximity to the spa town of Baden-Baden with its world-famous cultural offerings round off the whole experience.


The good-good life

Close to the Clinic, Baden-Baden offers a diverse range of services and events for connoisseurs of culture, entertainment, and society. Impressive avenues, picturesque buildings, event highlights, international exhibitions, equestrian sports, and great possibilities to take some time-out – the health resort has got a lot to offer.

Culture & Enjoyment

Amusement Without Constraints

About an hour away from Max Grundig Clinic You can find the city Strasbourg in France. It is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its picturesque architecture. Culinary-wise one can find several star restaurants there, similarly to the Black Forest – above all in the small town Baiersbronn.

Nature Park Black Forest

A Scenery Full of Life

The nature park Black Forest is one of the biggest nature parks in Germany and it is a paradise, not only for nature lovers. Especially hikers, cyclists, and mountain bikers can enjoy themselves. In hiking boots or on the bicycle saddle You can experience scenic vineyards, quaint forests, and lush meadow orchards. Impressions that will remain in memory forever.

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