Our Manager Check-up

Pit Stop for Managers

Our Manager Check-up meets precisely the spirit of the times – optimized and effective. This is because its tests provide more data and deeper insights, and make greater connections than the simple health Check-up that patients over 35 are entitled to every two years. In addition, our Check-up includes detailed advice on better nutrition, individual sports programmes, relaxation, and coping with life crises. We are offering everything in the picturesque scenery of the Black Forest and the stylish ambience of our clinic – relaxation for You and a gain for Your health.

Laboratory Check

Health also depends on inner values. A detailed blood count and further laboratory tests provide information about the current state of health and reveal more than already noticeable and visible symptoms. Experience and medical expertise play an important role here as well.

Ultrasound Examination of the Internal Organs

We don’t just look closely, we look deep into it. Even a trained eye cannot detect all conspicuous features – but there is the technology, which is always up to date at the Max Grundig Clinic. We examine the liver including the large liver vessels, the spleen, the gall bladder and bile ducts, both kidneys, the pancreas, the intestine, the urinary bladder, and, depending on gender, the uterus or prostate.


This examination plays a central role in the Check-up. Especially if we are in stress conditions, we are able to see how our cardiovascular system really is working. The electrocardiogram can be used to detect circulatory disturbances in the coronary arteries which, under certain circumstances, do not appear in the Resting ECG. Rhythm disturbances are of diagnostic importance, too. In this way we can determine exactly how fit someone is, whether environmental factors and medication have a harmful effect on them and what can be done to be fit and efficient (again).

Vascular Diagnostics

Non-invasive Doppler sonography enables blood vessel examinations using ultrasound probes to detect circulatory disorders so that vein occlusions or thromboses or cerebrovascular circulation disorders are better avoided. With our Check-up, we also want to make sure that everything is always “in flux”.

Examinations of the Musculoskeletal System

Who would not like to be “fit as a fiddle”? But even if you feel or look like this, it does not always mean that everything is fine. For early detection, a trained eye is required to ensure that nothing drifts along the wrong path or is worn in, which could later become painful or even have to be corrected surgically. If you start worrying about yourself early, you have the best chance of remaining fit in older age. This is why Check-up is not just a serious topic for us, but the basis for more pleasure in everything.

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Health is one of the greatest goods a human being possesses. It is the basis for a high quality of life. Accordingly, it is in the interest of our managers to protect this individual good.

Experience Report

Luckily, I Did a Check-up

Someday You Will Be 41

And you have been to the doctor because of one story or another. But if you’re honest, you will quickly recognize that these were very rare visits, to be counted on one hand. And only if there was really no other way. Because doctors and you – that is not a big love. It was the same with me. I have always tried to “work away” my ailments. I have to say that I weigh about 50 kilos. So about 50 kilos too much. That is way too much and I am aware of this. But the way from the insight to the action is long … And at least everything went well.

The Symptoms

Until I started to feel unwell constantly at the beginning of the year. I couldn’t really get fit anymore. Something was definitely wrong. A friend finally recommended the Max Grundig Clinic to me. They would turn me upside down, but not in the usual way. The fast examinations at the family doctor with countless referrals to countless specialists. My experience with specialists is indeed very special, but above all with MRI examinations: I actually almost got stuck in there once.

The examination was interrupted at that time and that clinic did not have a solution for me. My friend knew the story and my attitude towards doctors, so his suggestion made me curious. So, an appointment was found faster than I could spell physician. A great achievement in regard with my full calendar. But the team at the Bühlerhöhe was very persistent and always came up with new suggestions.

Three Weeks Later

Only three weeks later I was standing on the parking lot just in front of the Max Grundig Clinic. From there it is only a few steps to the reception. They knew immediately who I was. Almost like in a luxury hotel. Even more: The reason I came was known just as well and my check-up plan had already been determined. This is what I call a perfect arrival. If I say it like that, I really mean it, because I know my way around check-ins. About four out of twelve months I live somewhere in the world in some hotel. Mostly four stars and up. No comparison to Max Grundig Clinic, however. They are professional everywhere, but at the Bühlerhöhe this special personal touch was added.

The Preliminary Conversation

The preliminary conversation took place in the chief physician’s room. He first pulled the curtains from the window aside and gave me an incredibly beautiful view of the Black Forest. After the pleasant check-in I slowly but surely began to feel like I was in a hotel. The journey alone was a dream. A dreamlike scenery. Although it is only a stone’s throw from Karlsruhe to the Bühlerhöhe, the landscape through which you drive is fabulous. Unfortunately, in everyday life, in addition to job and family, it is often impossible to recognize, how beautiful it is here. And the clinic up on the mountain is a fantastic place.

The General Examination

After the preliminary conversation and moving into my room, I had the first examinations. This was not very complicated, because I was always accompanied and the ways to the next station were mostly very short. Very surprising: Every specialist was optimally informed about me.

In the afternoon I was able to calmly prepare for the larger examinations the next day. For me, a walk through the blooming Rhododendron park represented the right preparation. Unfortunately I didn’t have my golf clubs with me. Too bad, the small putting green with a view of the Bühler valley had already appealed to me.

For dinner we had Minestrone without deposit. It was a spontaneous disappointment, because I had been looking forward to the good kitchen. However, the chief physician of the Internal medicine had discouraged me from exactly this. It would unnecessarily complicate the following examinations. The abstinence was less difficult than I thought. The soup tasted truly excellent.

The second day in the hotel clinic was the main day. The examinations went on in quick succession. Everything was very well coordinated, I had to wait a maximum of ten minutes and did not even really get to read during the breaks.
Astonishing: The entire staff including the sisters and nurses was incredibly courteous and attentive. They answered all questions straight away. They listened to me and they took me seriously.
After each examination I immediatly received results. Including a detailed evaluation.

The Final Conversation

The final conversation also was very remarkable: The physician always referred to our preliminary conversation and had everything at hand. I have never experienced such a holistic approach, competence, and interdisciplinary diagnostics before. Together with the high “feel-good” factor this was a tremendous experience. Above all, because it gave me the necessary impulse into the right direction. I got people around me who tell me “eat less, exercise more” every day. But that is not easy for me. Partly because of the 50 kilos.

My physician at the Max Grundig Clinic suggested an approach that I hadn’t thought about before. When I have implemented it, I will gladly report about it. Just this much: I am on the right path. This is why I will visit the Bühlerhöhe again in two years – if my schedule allows it.

Persönliche Betreuung bei der Physiotherapie der Max Grundig Klinik