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The Check-up Centre of Max Grundig Clinic

Fast Diagnostics And Short Distances

The Max Grundig Clinic has created a unique health center of the highest medical quality, where physicians can take more time for their patients. Decades of experience, the highest professional competence, short distances, and state-of-the-art equipment – you will find all this under one roof here. Each discipline is interconnected without time-consuming and complicated referrals from one specialist to another.

At the Max Grundig Clinic, you can have a Check-up carried out from head to toe in the shortest time possible – without long waiting times, without the annoying search for the right specialist and without the annoying stress of arranging appointments. We unite all our specialist departments under one roof. In a pleasant atmosphere we take time for You and Your health, get to know You better, and analyze Your complaints. We do not only regard the physical aspects, but the whole person.

At Max Grundig Clinic you are not only a patient, you are a guest in our domicile.

Andreas Spaetgens Executive Director of Max Grundig Clinic

Prevent Health Risks. Do Your Check-Up.

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High-tech Equipment

Everything United Under One Roof

Whether CT, MRI, or ultrasound – our technical equipment meets the highest standards. The advantage of our clinic is that the specialized departments and the radiology are located in one house and we all work hand in hand. This enables us to make findings and diagnoses extremely precise and to quickly take the right steps. This situation is very comfortable for the patient because he can save distances and waiting times and obtain everything from a single source – on a high-tech level, with the bundled know-how of the entire clinic.

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Prevention aids above all in cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and strokes – the top 3 most frequent causes of death in Germany. Followed by respiratory diseases, diseases of the digestive system, and mental diseases. With the support of regular check-ups, most diseases can be prevented. Regular check-ups are therefore recommended every two years starting from the age of 50.

Findings That Everyone Understands

The detailed diagnosis is followed by a detailed discussion. The time factor also plays an important role here, because You should understand the findings. We will discuss the images from CT, MRI, or ultrasound with You and explain the next steps. The entire preventive examination is supervised by a physician, although all specialists are at Your disposal with their know-how.

To the Check-up Center:
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