In Safe Hands

Nursing - a Matter of Respect

Humanity, affection, and willingness to help are indispensable to good care, just like treating humans holistically and respectfully. Everyone wants to age self-determined and with dignity – this is exactly what the certified nursing team at the Max Grundig Clinic makes possible. The clinic’s guiding principle requires the priority of taking ample time for each patient and individual caring.

Our Nursing Staff

Care is not only a matter of training, but rather a matter of attitude. We place great importance onto excellently trained personnel – at the Max Grundig Clinic you will exclusively find 3-year-old certified nursing staff. But nursing care requires much more and we pay particular attention to this. Because only if this complete package is right, You will feel good.

Ample Time for Each Patient

Time is the most precious thing for each of us and above all it is a gift – and we are glad to give it to you. We dedicate ourselves to your needs and concerns and thus ensure that you are well looked after by us – not only medically.

At Max Grundig Clinic you are not only a patient, you are a guest in our domicile.

Andreas Spaetgens Executive Director of Max Grundig Clinic
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