Matthias Zehnle

How Modern Physiotherapy Works

Direct, Sustainable and Successful

We treat differently! Here at Max Grundig Clinic physiotherapists and physicians work hand in hand. Due to constant exchange we can react to changes at any time and individually adapt your therapy program. This is the basis for long-term success. The result is an effective therapy plan and a treatment method that suits your diagnosis best. This is guaranteed by our highly qualified and advanced training-oriented team, which works towards your health according to the latest medical findings. Our dedicated team focuses on classical areas of application from physiotherapy, as well as device-supported forms of training.

Remedial Gymnastics

With this type of therapy, diseases from almost all medical fields can be treated. Active and passive forms of therapy are intended to improve the body’s ability to move and to function.

Remedial Gymnastics in the Excercise Pool

The advantage of this type of physiotherapy is the usage of all positive properties that the element water offers, such as buoyancy, pressure, resistance, and temperature, to facilitate movement, to strengthen the musculature, to relieve the joints, and to innervate the circulation.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapists treat athletes who have acute injuries due to an athletic activity. For competitive athletes therapists need certain additional qualifications.

Manual Therapy

This therapy is used to treat functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles, nerves). Manual therapy is based on special hand grip and mobilization techniques that alleviate pain and eliminate movement disorders.

Manual Lymph Drainage

The aim of this treatment is to support the reduced pumping function of the vascular system. First and foremost, manual lymph drainage is used to decongest swollen human tissue.

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic methods – the massage therapist palpates the findings and treats the patient’s body with certain grip techniques such as stroking, kneading, frictions, stretching, and tapping.

Connective Tissue Massage

The basis of the connective tissue massage is the tactile finding of the human tissue. The massage is not only used for treatment, but also for diagnosis of diseases.

Myofascial Therapy

The myofascial therapy deals with the treatment of the musculature, specifically with its trigger points. These are pain-sensitive, hardened areas in muscle tissue which are caused by overloading or injury and often cause pain in other parts of the body.


This therapy is used to treat functional disorders of the interplay of teeth, masticatory musculature, and jaw joints. Therefore, the basis of successful CMD therapy is dental functional diagnostics in order to determine the cause and develop an individual functional therapy tailored to it.

Kinesio Tape

The self-adhesive therapeutic tapes are applied to the affected body regions and are intended to relieve tension or support joint functions.

Cupping Therapy

With this therapy method a negative pressure is generated on a limited area of skin. The position of the cupping points is based on tactile findings. The cutivisceral reflex is used to influence an internal organ.


Nowadays, yoga exercises follow a holistic approach mostly, which is supposed to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. One advantage of these exercises is that they can be performed without any aids at almost any location.

Physical therapy is not only means to an end, it serves as the constant balance between body and mind.

Matthias Zehnle Head of Physical Therapy

The Approach of Physiotherapy

Getting Healthy - Remaining Healthy

Many people underestimate the importance of remedial gymnastics, but it is crucial on the path of healing. At this point, we rely on all the possibilities offered by remedial gymnastics –  from classic sling table to fango treatments to ultrasound therapy and state-of-the-art equipment. The right combination makes the difference.

Technical Equipment

The special equipment of our fitness room enables us to tailor the therapy to your needs and abilities – therefore training is more effective and fun. In addition to the Techno Gym training circle and the FLEXX training system, our equipment also includes an Ergometer with integrated blood pressure measurement, a Physiomat and Motomed.

Remedial Gymnastics in the Excercise Pool

Immerse Yourself

Water pressure and buoyancy provide a special feeling of lightness and have a very positive effect on physical training. The warm water is especially beneficial for diseases of the skeleton and musculature, but also for neurological disorders – the body will be able to relax. However, the training is still intensive and and especially effective.

Sports With All Senses

To See, Smell, Feel

The Max Grundig Clinic offers the best opportunities for sports activities indoors and outdoors. In addition to the exercise pool and fitness room, outdoor training in the fresh air is a real highlight. The breathtaking scenery in the middle of the Black Forest stimulates all the senses – seeing, smelling, and feeling – how about an open-air yoga lesson?