Welcome to Bühlerhöhe

Enjoy Your Stay

– and the marvelous ambiance of our premises and the tasteful interior. We welcome you to Max Grundig Clinic and would like to invite you on a short tour.

Come Inside – We Invite You to Stay

We will start in our welcoming entree of our clinic which is perfectly embedded into nature and has a wonderful arcade. Follow us into the atrium with its breathtaking view upward. There you can stay for a while – or you can use this popular meeting point to play pool. From the gallery, you will have a great view onto the comings and goings in the atrium.

Surrounded by Taste and Enjoyment

Our interior is defined by its stylish elements and the lovely details. Follow us onto the patio where you can have a morning coffee to get ready for the day or just enjoy the evening – while looking at the marvelous sunset. Or let yourself be tempted to walk around the extensive green area as you are breathing the wonderful air of the Black Forest.

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  • Weiße Kaffeetasse auf Tisch von Sonne angeleuchtet
    The Terrace

    The Right Way to Start Your Day

  • Blumenvase mit bunten Blumen auf Tisch mit weißem Tischtuch
    The Restaurant

    Pleasure & Ambience in Accordance to the Highest Standards

  • Galerie der Max Grundig Klinik mit Blick auf Atrium
    The Gallery

    View Onto the Atrium

  • Wellnessbereuch der Max Grundig Klinik, Liegestühle mit Handtuch
    The Wellness Area

    Relaxation after the Physiotherapy

  • Rundbogengang der Max Grundig Klinik, Ausschnitt mit Beleuchtung
    The Archway

    To Take a Stroll

  • Billardtisch im Atrium der Max Grundig Klinik
    Billiard in the Atrium

    How About a Game?

  • Abendstimmung und Sonnenuntergang mit Hand, das Weinglas hält
    The View

    Evening Mood on the Terrace

  • Innenbereich der Max Grundig Klinik, Holzbilderrahmen in antiker Optik
    Beautiful views

    In Every Detail

  • Außenbereich der Max Grundig Klinik, Parkanlage mit Bänken
    The Park

    Extensive Green Areas all around the Clinic

  • Außenbereich der Max Grundig Klinik mit Blumen
    The Clinic

    Embedded Into Nature

  • The Reception

    Always at Your Disposal

  • Max Grundig Klinik, Außenbereich mit Auto in der Einfahrt
    The Entree

    Check In!

  • Max Grundig Klinik, Ansicht Atrium mit Sesseln
    Lounge in the Atrium

    Meeting Spot to Take Rest

  • Max Grundig Klinik, Innenansicht im Atrium, Decke
    The Atrium

    Breathtaking View Upwards

  • The Clinic

    Evening Mood