Specialized Clinic for Psychosomatics

A Very Personal Treatment Concept

Trust and motivation are the preconditions for a successful therapeutic process. It is the effort of the treatment team and the beginning of your stay at the Max Grundig Clinic to create, promote and maintain this. Every therapeutic decision is the expression of a team process, that means the continuous common reflection of all relevant aspects and perceptions. Of course, you are equally integrated in this process. This results in very personal, individual treatment paths that ideally correspond to your needs and possibilities.

Außenbereich der Max Grundig Klinik mit Blumen

We Are Interested in What You Are Able to Do

You will be welcomed exactly as you are without any preexisting conditions. We want to help you on your way to accepting yourself in the same unconditional way as we do. The motivation to further one’s own development guides our intervention. With high scientific evidence, mindfulness based therapies have proven to be particularly effective.

A Matter of Trust

There is nothing more important in our life than relationship. The significance of the therapeutic relationship with your reference therapist (the so-called therapeutic dyad) is correspondingly high for us. If it turns out to be useful or necessary, a change of therapist is explicitly possible. In addition, the therapeutic community with fellow patients provides an ideal framework for dealing with important aspects of relationships such as communication and relationship regulation (mentalisation). We are convinced that a well-balanced relationship between tension and relaxation is essential for maintaining mental and physical health. This is reflected in the design of the therapy plans as well as in the conceptual inclusion of the weekends (also guided) activity and stress testing or retreat and recovery.

Treatment Options

Licensed as a psychosomatic specialist clinic, we treat all diseases of the psychosomatic specialist area such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, chronic pain, somatisation disorders, sleep disorders, post-traumatic disorders, and adjustment disorders.

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